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Digital Imagery
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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Week Four & Five: Video Production Sessions.

Post your film to your blog
We, as a small group chose the letter L to depict in our short film. Making use of the surrounding environment, resources and I.T already available. The story board proved to be very valuable as we adjusted, cropted and arranged many times prior to being satisfied. The with Using Movie Maker we created a short but fun visual presentation of the letter L accompained by music I just happened to still have on my USB stick from a class last semester. 

This should have been posted with our video, opps, still trying to navigate my way around this place!

Provide a brief summary of the services offered by YouTube
Music, all types, professional and ameutur
Television on Movie clips
Many ameutur home videos
Educational clips
Games etc etc What cant you find on YouTube.

Introduce a chosen topic of interest drawn from your feild work experiences, an OT practice area or a personal occupation.
Find five different source of online video content that help explain, demonstrate, or provide personal experiences of your topic.

Adaptive Equipment:

My first feild work placement was based at and Acute Surgical and Medical ward in a hospital. Here the team of Occupational Therapist were working with patients to assit them to return home and often issued the clients adaptive equipment to support them with their ADL's at home. Adaptive equipment are devices that are used to assist with completing activities of daily living.

                              Understanding the Use of Adaptive Devices for ADLs

ACCESSIBLE COOKING: bottle opener, utensils, canisters


  1. Hi Cara. A good start to your blog. What examples could you provide from occupational therapy practice for the first tutorial topics? Hilary:)

  2. Hi Cara...I really like your examples of assistive devices. It is very useful that we can use YouTube to provide us with visual examples of equipment and techniques. Cheers Anna

  3. Hi Anna, thanks for that. I really think it helpful for many of us student O.Ts to see these videos. Its difficult to get out and see these adaptive devices being used and therefore YouTube can be very educational. Thanks Cara