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Friday, 14 October 2011

Affordance: Cont

Fourth Blog Entry:

Christian and Townsend (2010) suggests that “Affordance can be referred to as the particular arrangement of objects in the environment and to estimate the actions allowed by an object. The objects design suggests its purpose, function, and usability, and the user determines the object’s affordance” (p. 255).
As metioned in my previous blog, I said that I would look into other affordance components. This is aesthetics and communication. 


Hendry (2008) states that aesthetics strictly speaking, is a branch of philosophy concerned with beauty and the physical ability to recognize it" (p.122).


Hendry (2008) suggests that "communication is by no means limited by culture but also the choice of words and language tinged with an aesthetic quality can vary" (p. 120).

This quote has confirmed how I understand communication when I am considering engaging in hebel.  I consider my family (my culture) and ask if they have thought of something that they want to do with hebel or if they had other plans which included me. When creating alone my time is respected by my family and they will quietly approach if they require my attention.

    C.Tate 2008


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Hendry, J. (2008). An introduction to social anthropology sharing our worlds 
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  1. Hi Cara, :)
    Awesome picture of the sculpture you made! It is amazing! I liked your comment about how connections are made from your family and culture into your sculpturing activity. I imagine you would have a lot of memories from sculpturing and your families involvement in it. Do you usually keep the sculptures you make as mementos or do you gift them or sell them??

    Again what beautiful art work!


  2. Hi Amanda, thank you for your comment. Yes it is true, I do have fond memories of doing this activity with my boys especially and of all the groups I have worked with over the years too. I do try to keep my work from time to time but it is usually spotted in the garden are requested to be purchased. The piece in the photo is one of a few that I have declined to sell, but yes I do sell some and I just love to make gifts too :)